Thursday, December 10, 2009

{ partner! }

there are cool things about getting older.
and yes, I mean older, not old.
you're smarter and wiser and stronger
you've had cool experiences
you don't care about silly things as much as you used to
and you realize it's okay not to have your dream job
because you have it good where you're at
and sometimes the best things
are the things that are right in front of you
the ones you never knew you wanted
in places you would never guess
they're not always fancy or shiny
but they're good and that means more than anything

I'm not usually one to talk about work stuff
but it was announced that I made partner today
and it made me smile
I never ever pictured myself on the 21st floor
of a high-rise in times square,
working in finance, but here I am, and it's good
I love who I work with and I feel at home in this concrete jungle
sure, I could think of other things I could be doing sometimes
but I'm happy where I'm at and lucky to be there

and better yet,
I still have time to be crafty and take cool pictures,
and plan fun parties and travel to faraway places,
and stay up way too late and be creative and still be me.

I'm not quite sure how I got so lucky
but I'm ever so grateful
and always will be.


MilanManet said...


doug and becky said...

that is awesome. you totally deserve it. i'm so glad you're happy :)

aubrey said...

CONGRATS! aw i love you!

nomadic gnome said...

partner!? time to celebrate! congrats lady. xoxo

Jill Hovey said...

You rock, Jen!! I'm so excited to see you on Christmas and celebrate!!

erin wilson said...

MAJOR congrats! You are such an adult :)