Wednesday, December 30, 2009

{ heart of america }

when I think of what I call the heart of america
I think of country music, summer bbq's and the suburbs.

this Christmas, that's truly where the heart was. Walking on the streets of NYC, especially Fifth Avenue, it's hard to believe there's a recession but it's a different story for many other parts of the country. I'm sure you all know people who are still looking for work and in my childhood suburban Colorado neighborhood that's still very much the case. My mom told me about our neighbors across the street and how they had taken another family in from our neighborhood when the father had lost his job and they couldn't afford their home anymore. Very cool. I was lucky enough to have dinner with both of these families and it couldn't have been a better evening. I walked into my neighbors home and there were boxes piled high, belongings from the other families prior home, the treadmill served as a coatrack and things were a bit cluttered but it felt so good there. I can't imagine taking in another couple and their 3 kids, but that's what my neighbors did. They actually moved into their basement
and let the family take over the rest of their home.

and the GREATEST thing ever...
after 13 months of being unemployed,
the father found a job 2 weeks ago.

merry christmas!

CHEERS to the heart of america.

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