Saturday, December 19, 2009

{ a promise }

I made a promise to my good friend nathan once...
back in the day when we lived on an island,
ate pineapple
and always had the ocean in view...
that I would write him a song.

It's been 10+ years but a promise is a promise
so it's about time he gets his song.

nathan, remember that time that you and mounce
called me from maui and you were listening to my song?
that might have been the one of the greatest days ever
because I thought you hated each other
and I was so happy that you were friends
and because you liked my sappy songs.

well, this one's not perfect, but few things are.
I usually would never ever let anyone listen
to anything I've written that I thought
was a bit cheesy or not finished
or that I didn't like for some reason
but I don't care anymore.
maybe I'm tired and need to pack for my trip
and don't want to stay up until 3am
or maybe I really just don't care what people
think anymore and that is a very good thing
so here goes nothing

whatever the case, it's nathan's birthday
I wrote him this song
and he's cool,
even when he uses too many napkins and wastes trees.

{ happy birthday and thanks for never giving up on me }


barefootbex said...

Jen, I freaking love you. I seriously almost got choked up.
Can't wait to be just THAT much closer to you when I move to NC.

aubrey said... that was BEAUTIFUL jen. seriously.
may i please be just like you one day?

The Neff Family said...

WOW! That was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Loved the song and the pics!
Those definately were the days!!