Monday, November 29, 2010

{ gobble gobble! }

THANKSGIVING is my favorite holiday...
there is nothing better than sitting around a dinner table in the perfect setting
with people you love and amazing food
throw a beach in there and I'm in heaven, seriously...this THANKSGIVING was perfect.
macy's parade
thanks to some friends who got up at 5am, I got to show up right before the parade for front row seats!
and always my favorite, nautical mickey! 
indian feather place settings
my favorite new THANKSGIVING tradition
all the fixings
H even baked homemade bread for her stuffing, who does that???
and A's cranberry sauce was the best EVER
hosting with my NYC besties
love you H & A...Martha, we're your new competition!
fancy indian names & edible turkeys
we gave everyone a special indian name for the evening that we had to address each other by
the guys were chiefs and the ladies, princesses obviously
chief balding eagle was present, and chief loose arrow, and chief clowning face, 
and doctor quinn medicine whoa-man and princess singing turkey hawk and princess she plays
all the time and princess salmon swimming up a rippling stream, and princess tiger lily, 
and princess dancing snowgoose, and princess white rice, and princess butterfly sitting on a flower. 
all the beautiful people were there 
 but sadly, we forgot to take a group photo, I was too busy eating...
so was chief doctor quinn medicine whoa-man
who devoured an entire edible turkey in one bite...impressive!
food comas
enough said but it was well worth it
I'm so very lucky & I'm so very thankful
I have the best friends in the world
more than a roof over my head
and I live in one of the greatest cities on this planet. 
words cannot express how grateful I am for my life
and all the beautiful people that I'm proud to call family.

1 comment:

aubrey said...

you're the best photographer ever. and indian headdress maker. and friend.
love you.