Friday, November 5, 2010

{ halloweeeen! }

I LOVE holidays but Halloween night has never been a favorite
mostly because I am never in love with my costume
I'm creative and am always coming up with ideas for everyone else
but unfortunately I'm the queen of procrastination and leave mine until the last minute
thus, the reason I'm never that thrilled with my Halloween night attire. 
I'm always just throwing something together at the last minute,
which for my everyday life is perfectly acceptable, but Halloween, 
is time for face paint and wigs and spandex and vintage tennis racquets.
I really wanted to buy these vintage his and hers tennis racquets on etsy, so I did
and we planned our costumes around them...nothing too fancy but I was in costume
and I was comfortable for a night of party hopping and dancing and Halloween cheer
and an impromptu tennis match up on 110th at two in the morning. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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