Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{ urban body }

living in a big city means living in small spaces, well, unless you've got millions to spare
so we make due with what we have
it's a new goal of ours to workout every morning and what better voice
to wake up to than P90x's very own Tony Horton.
Our first attempt was made in the living room, until our angry neighbors started banging on the ceiling
Seriously?  I've lived here for almost 3+ years now and with all the parties and late
nights and friends and midnight dance fests, we've never had one complaint.
Until, we try to workout in the morning...argh! I guess our dear neighbor is out of a coma now. 
So, day two, we took it to the roof...literally. 

{ the perfect urban body workout } 

It was really, until another angry neighbor let us know that we had woken him up. 
Woops! Sorry neighbor!
Tomorrow we'll just have to take it to the VIP roof,
the one above my bedroom that we have to climb up a ladder to get to.
Sometimes you have to do what you have to do with the space that you have
and I'm okay with that, because it makes for a good story
and working out amongst the buildings of the NYC skyline is a cool way to start our day.


nomadic gnome said...

Sexy Tony!!!
X is for extreme. I miss those morning workouts. Genius for taking it to the roof!

Spencer, Erin, Parker and Ben said...

Love it Jen!!