Tuesday, May 12, 2009

{ $20 M }

I'm paying over $1000K a month for a room in a 5th floor walk-up which isn't bad (really - see note) but thanks to J.Faulkner I'm ready to upgrade. All I need is $20M. Anyone want to spot me?
I've seen a few nice apartments since I've lived here but this one beat them all. JF was in town visiting and we ended up staying at his sisters friends friends place. Got it? It was like a huge home packed ever so nicely in a building on cpw...not just a sweet 6 bedroom apartment like what I've seen previously. I'm fine where I'm at but I could get used to waking up to windows overlooking Central Park every morning.
 For $20M it's all yours...I believe it's still on the market.

For now, I'll wish for small upgrades.

Someday, an elevator, and maybe even a doorman if I'm lucky.

baby steps.

note: 5 floor walk-up comes with private rooftop access, great roommates & cute neighbors

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