Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{ brooklyn gardens }

There are so many things in the city that I want to do that I just don't make time for. That's why visitors are so perfect. I get to play tourist for a day.

I really have lived in tourist destinations practically my entire life.


...don't quite know how I got so lucky.

Back to my current state of NYC:

I explore a lot but sometimes saturdays have to be spent doing laundry, cleaning and whatever else the week didn't have time for.

not this Saturday...I finally made it out to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the Cherry Blossom festival.


I still have yet to make it to DC in the spring but this was a close second.

I've always loved Cherry Blossoms. Maybe because they sort of remind me of plumerias and well, you should all know they are my absolute favorite smell.

I loved walking through the rows of blossoms scattered everywhere.

and the gardens are masssive! I had no clue we'd be on an all day nature walk.

It always amazes me how much is packed into this crazy place that I call home. There really is a little bit of everything here.

Ask can even find basil in Central Park!

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