Sunday, May 31, 2009

{ city saturdays }

I never thought I'd get excited about not having plans but these days, it's my favorite thing ever! I was going to go camping and be away yet another weekend but I decided to be smart and stay here and just see where the weekend took me. Good thing I did because it was the perfect weekend in the city. The day started off at Friend of a Farmer (delicious! if you need a new brunch spot) with my favorite blondes then Whit and I spent some time walking around the Union Square farmers market and bought the most beautiful of my favorites although the tulips were gorgeous too. It was so nice to just wander and catch up. Next was a quick stop at Anthro and off to Rosa's for the best guac in the city and time to catch up with the Loucks...whom I haven't seen in forever. My only goal was to spend as much time outside enjoying the city and that I did. Later that evening was filled with more gab time with my favorite blondes and then off to Cassis for a late dinner (the burger was AMAZING!). Sitting there with some of my favorite people, dining al fresco on a perfect summer night, I couldn't help but think how lucky I am.

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